About me

Born in the mid-80s in Madrid, Spain, I received my basic and highschool education in Madrid's Lycée Français where I obtained my "scientific" Baccalauréat.
Starting on my teen ages I developed a growing interest on technology and soon I started to mess around with PCs. At the age of 15 I was loving Linux and C, even though there was still a lot to understand; and soon enough I programmed my first driver for a simple display, setting the foundations for my ever lasting love for electronics and DIY. From there, a whole new world opened before me with smartphones on my student years and this is what led me to choose a main career on Android development.

Aside from my technology facette, I've always had a love for a variety of things: languages, cars, quirky travel, photography... I had the chance to learn French, English and German in school and later on studied a fair amount of Japanese. Those skills came years after with the will to spend time living abroad and this is why I lived for a while in Berlin, then Prague and finally Tokyo returning in 2013 to Madrid.
In Madrid I explored different forms of travel, ranging from crossing Europe hitchhiking to driving from Madrid to Vladivostok in a 25 year-old van (check it out!) or driving a 50cc moped from Madrid to Berlin.
In more recent years I've turned very much into DIY, old cars and mechanics and camper vans; I've build a camper from scratch on a VW bus and owned some 30 years-old cars which I love to ride and repair.

On and off I've developed a liking and (hopefully) a good eye for photography, the results of which can be checked on my Flickr profile.
Besides from all that I like to make scenaries for model trains, build (some of) my own furtinure, type on a Model M IBM keyboard and obviously, I love LEGO !